Jakamen originally referred to a Jackman, meaning a textile worker. Later the meaning changed and it became a synonym for elegance. The story commenced with Ayan Giyim who entered into the textile sector in 1976. The Company launched its products and in 1997 the JAKAMEN brand was born. JAKAMEN became renowned due to it’s promise to customers of; elegance, grace, taste and high quality style. Jakamen’s international presence spans across North America, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Middle East. It operates more than 110 stores in almost 40 countries around the world.

Having stepped into the men’s fashion industry in 1976 , Ayan Giyim created JAKAMEN brand with the experience he had gained through its operation carried out in the 1990’s in Eminonu, Istanbul. Today, JAKAMEN is far more developed, with more than 110 stores in almost 40 countries around the world. For the first time JAKAMEN is now operating in Qatar. This is credit to the companies  non-stop growth, state-of-the-art design, quality products and moral values of honesty and transparency.

To be the most trusted brand in Qatar and the most preferred men’s fashion brand for clothing, shoes and accessories, built on high standards of quality and innovative design.

To provide exquisite and high-quality fashion products, excellent customer service, an exceptional customer experience and an unrivalled after-sales service. It is our passion to respond to the evolving needs of our customers whilst providing access to the latest world fashion trends and international styles.

Jakamen Team

<strong>Amir Baatout</strong>

Amir Baatout

Store Manager
<strong>Ali Khlifia</strong>

Ali Khlifia

Assistant Manager
<strong>Ashraf Matoussi</strong>

Ashraf Matoussi

Sales Associate
<strong>Wael Belhaj</strong>

Wael Belhaj

Sales Associate
<strong>Sharif Ferjani</strong>

Sharif Ferjani

Professional Tailor


<strong>Mr. Yücel Ayan</strong>

Mr. Yücel Ayan

Board Member Head of Production and Design
<strong>Mr. Çelil Ayan</strong>

Mr. Çelil Ayan

Chairman of the Board
<strong>Mr. Talha Ayan</strong>

Mr. Talha Ayan

<strong>Mr. Mustafa Ayan</strong>

Mr. Mustafa Ayan

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